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I started using this workroom as a Mgr at Ethan Allen. When I made the choice to go out on my own, Bob and the entire staff were there to help me through each job and made design easy! Bob plans out the hardware and makes recommendations for hard windows. When I moved to Va, I tried a couple workrooms here, however, the workmanship simply was not what I was used to. I called R L Stonecipher and they have become my workroom from afar. We have a wonderful working relationship and through sending pictures they have helped me with all kinds of window issues. The best part is, I was concerned about how wrinkled the treatments would get during shipping. No need to worry! They didn't have any wrinkles at all. My clients here in Va are very impressed with the ability to use a workroom states away and receive the high quality product they have received. I would recommend them to any designer who wants a high quality product for a good price.

Christine Wiott

Sterling Va. 

Over the past several years, in each of my three homes, Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher have made impeccable draperies, bed canopies and bedspreads, as well as created a warm, enticing room by covering its walls in silk. 

I first used their services several years ago in San Francisco and was amazed at their creativity, their problem solving approach to difficult situations, and the beauty of their product.

When renovating my apartment in Paris, I called on them again. I can't imagine using anyone else and again they delivered. 

My apartment is wonderfully French with a unique twist and the bedrooms in particular (bedspreads, overhead and wall canopies and matching drapes) stun guests. 

I have received the highest compliment possible from Parisians; "Your apartment is beautiful. It is so French."

After moving to another home in San Francisco, I called the Stoneciphers (now Jill and Bob) once again and they lived up to their artistry.

I cannot recommend these individuals enough. They are artists and their commitment to quality, beauty and innovation is paramount. They produce an extraordinary product for great value.

Deborah Widener

San Francisco, CA

(Client of Bull & Bear Antiques- Atlanta, GA)

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